Jeval Laboratories Ltd. presents Dr. Varon's line of skin care products

A remarkable assemblage of "Medical Cosmetics"

How do these products differ from others in the marketplace? All these products and product concepts were originated and formulated by Dr. Jacob Varon, a practicing board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. While other manufacturers have tried to copy our products, Dr. Varon's are the original and only clinically tested skin care products in the market.

How can that be when other companies have "clinically tested" listed on their packaging? Dr. Varon's line of skin care products is clinically tested, following the same rigorous standards that apply to the pharmaceutical industry. This includes "double-blind testing" and the recording of results. Other companies in this field simply test products in a laboratory. Dr. Varon's products are tested on patients, people just like you, and the results are posted right on the front of our package. No other company in this field can make that claim.

Dr. Varon's Skin Care products can be found at Harmon, Navarro, and other fine stores in your neighborhood... and at, or